What scholarship can be offered:

Kah Kee Award:for Grades 10-12 students with outstanding learning ability and leadership who can play a positive role in promoting the development of the school community

Siyuan Award:7-12 students with excellent academic performance

Ziqiang Award:for Grades 4-11 students with excellent skills in mathematics, physical education, arts, scientific and technological innovation or others fields (also applicable for junior students under Grade 4 but with outstanding skills)

Dongliang Award:for Grade 12 students with outstanding academic performance for university admission

*Scholarship applications are only open to students applying for admission to SCA in the 2022 fall semester; for all scholarship awardees, the scholarship is valid for the period of study at the corresponding grade(s) of SCA; and one applicant can apply for one scholarship only.

*The assessment of scholarship applicants is conducted by the SCA assessment committee, and the right for final interpretation resides with SCA.

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