The SCA International Education Council was Inaugurated

On November 25th, the Inauguration Meeting and the First Meeting of the First SCA International Education Council (hereinafter referred to as the "Education Council") was successfully held at SCA with the support of the Board of Directors of Hwa Chong Institution, outstanding alumni of HCI and parents' representatives of SCA. Dr. Hon Chiew Weng, former headmaster of Hwa Chong Institution and the Education Superintendent of SCA, was elected as the president of the first Education Council.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Ang Boon Peng, former Education Counselor of Singapore Embassy in China, Senior Director of Strategic Cooperation of CSGKC Investment and Development Co. Ltd. and Director of the Board of Directors of SCA, introduced the members of the Education Council. The first Education Council consists of 9 members, including representatives of the Board of Directors of SCA, representatives of the Board of Directors of Hwa Chong Institution (HCI), parents' representatives, educators and alumni of HCI.

AS for the original intention of the establishment of the SCA International Education Council, Mr Ang Boon Peng said that SCA was founded against the background of China-Singapore National-level Strategic Cooperation Project. Although it is an international school, it has a profound Chinese cultural foundation. The newly established Education Council will offer suggestions for the future development of the school. We will work together with Hwa Chong Family of Schools to jointly promote the development of international education at SCA!

On the second agenda of the meeting, Ms. Fiona Wang, executive principal of the SCA, made a report on the preparations for the Education Council. The meeting reviewed and approved the Articles of Association of the SCA Education Council, which clarified the purpose and main tasks of the Education Council, including leading and supervising the operation of the school, pooling academic and social resources, assisting in drawing up the strategic plan of the school, realizing the school motto of self-improvement, and supporting the school to promote the growth and success of students.

She also expressed her gratitude to the board members for joining the International Education Council voluntarily to help develop the international education of SCA, and shouldering  the duty of developing high quality education based on Sino-Singapore integration. With the support and assistance of the Board of Directors, we believe that SCA will receive more resources for the students' academic and comprehensive development, and will strive for excellence in the future.

Then, Lynn Lin, the junior high school principal of SCA, and Tason Law, the senior high school principal of SCA, as representatives, introduced education objectives and teaching methods of SCA in detail. On this basis, members of the Education Council carried out in-depth discussion, and put forward many valuable suggestions for the curriculum development and teaching evaluation, which set the direction for the development of international education at SCA.

Professor William Cong from Cornell University, an alumnus of HCI, pointed out that in addition to regular courses, our work to improve students' ability to independently carry out research projects is very important. At the same time, following SCA’s motto of "self-improvement", we should pay more attention to frustration education for the students, and provide them opportunities to learn more languages so that they can have international perspectives.

Dr. Huang Hongying and Mr. Xu Hui, who are parents' representatives, also proposed that students should receive project-based education as much as possible, so that they can truly feel that "they are closely connected with the world". School-enterprise cooperation can bring opportunities for students to learn in "society". They can not only join a heated debate on a certain topic which will improve their speculative ability, but also experience various occupations and find what they love and are good at in this process.

Dr. Sia Nam Chie, chairman of the Board of Directors of HCI, Mr. Vincent Kho, vice chairman of the Board of Directors of HCI, and Ms. Linda Lee, principal of Hwa Chong International School also emphasized the importance of "moral education" which needs to be integrated into all courses in academic development of the students. Meanwhile, they believe that it is important not only for students but also for teachers to broaden horizons, because a far-sighted teacher will help students achieve greater development.

Mr. Huang Jiaxi, Director of the Board of Directors of SCA, said that SCA will unswervingly follow the socialist education policies, and SCA has taken vitality as an important goal of education since its establishment, which coincides with labor education. The Declaration of 1848 has united the freedom of individuals and all-round development of individuals with the freedom of all people and all-round development of all people, and the united individuals with society, which is also consistent with the core values of SCA and HCI, namely "self-established and self-attained". SCA International Education Council will continue to make good use of first-class and high-quality education resources to provide assistance to and support for our teachers and students. All these set the direction for the development of international education of SCA.

Finally, Dr. Hon Chiew Weng, President of the Education Council came to the conclusion of the meeting that the establishment of the Education Council has strengthened the connection with the teaching organization structure, enabled the school to find a new exchange and cooperation platform for research of holistic education and quality education, and also facilitated the school's practice of Chinese -Singapore educational integration to get more academic support and resources. This resources will empower SCA’s growth.

The structure, content and practice of curriculum, the scientific and comprehensive evaluation system and the joint training results of teachers are the key elements for improving SCA’s education. The establishment of the SCA Education Council shows the strong determination of SCA to embark on a student-centered journey featuring integration and innovation.

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